Thursday, September 5, 2013 project creates the International youth center (KA342) project is finalizing preparatory activities for creating the International youth center Matkachi near Petrozavodsk in the Republic of Karelia.

LLC Freedom, the contractor for preparation of design specification and estimates and construction of the Matkachi center prepared a sketch plan of the buildings.

The accommodation unit will comprise 7 rooms each designed for 4-6 people. Sanitary rules were considered while designing the premises, total area is calculated on the basis that in children’s camps 4,5 sq.m is required for one child. Total capacity of the accommodation unit for children is 32. During youth camps the total capacity will raise up to 50 people. There will be bathrooms and showers in the building, all adapted for people with limited mobility.

The plan of study and administration unit includes a kitchen and a community hall that will combine a dining area and a training room. The roof over the training room will be elevated in order to make it more spacious. Large windows will ensure beautiful lake view and make the hall bright. 

A 3D model of the buildings is published on the project web site
The blueprints were approved by the administration and the construction company is now able to proceed to the next stage of production of project documents. It’s planned to begin constructing works in October-December 2013.

The proposal on financing the 2nd stage of the Matkachi center development was included to the plan of preparation to the 100-year anniversary of Karelia Republic (2013-2020) which is now evaluated by the State Commission of the Russian Government. On September 4 the deputy minister of education of Russia Veniamin Kaganov studied the perspectives of the project during the meeting of the State Commission in Petrozavodsk.

Inclusion of the Matkachi center to these plans creates the basis for developing the activities initiated by the project in long-term perspective.

Denis Rogatkin

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