Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Third Seminar under the KA334 «Mining Road”

August 19-21, 2013
Pazhala - Kolatselga, Russia

Regular, already the third, Seminar under Mining Road Project was held in Pazhala in 130 kilometers from Petrozavodsk.

More than 35 people representing almost all Mining Road Project partners met to discuss the progress of the Project, share their achievements and agree joint actions for further Project implementation.

Jari Nenonen, the partner from Geological Survey of Finland, told about walking routes arrangement, their information support and the results of the work.

Vitali Shekov, the Project coordinator, informed about the Project progress, including the works implemented by the Leading Partner, Institute of Geology of Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences; special attention was paid to the results of Tulmozero Mining Park preparation for visiting by tourists.

Terhi Rautiainen from Outokumpu Mining Museum presented the results of works made by the Mining Museum.

Denis Kuznetcov and Ekaterina Prokhorova showed presentation about exposition devoted to the history of mining of Pryazha district opened on June 7, 2013 in Pryazha Ethno-Cultural Center.

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia, in the person of Marina Utitcyna, presented musical report about Mining Road Youth Expedition work in creating Tulmozerye Mining Park.

There were excursions during the Seminar.
The visit to the private museum of Alisa Petrovna, who lives in Kolatselga and gathered exposition on the history of her home village in her own house, was very memorable for the Seminar participants.

The Seminar participants also visited the ruins of Tulmozero Ironworks, where the Mining Park is now being established.

For some Finnish Partners there was an additional excursion to the Project sites that are being prepared for tourist companies use on the Russian side. The sites in Pitkaranta and Sortavala districts were visited.

This Seminar has become one more step in Mining Road Project work. Communication during the Seminar presented a good possibility for discussing all the aspects in the Project implementation, propose new - sometimes surprising - solutions for better implementation.

Please, visit our web site: http://miningroads.ru where you will see information about our activity in the Project.

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