Friday, July 5, 2013

Results of the study of potential Russian rural tourist are available

The study carried out in the RUNAT project gathered updated information and insight into the potential Russian rural tourists and created rural tourist segments based on their motivations and expectations. Besides motivations and expectations, information was also collected on activities, accommodation and on the sources of information used in holiday planning. Data was gathered in Saint Petersburg and Moscow with a paper and pen survey. Also an electronic survey questionnaire was available. Total amount of responses received was 2096.

Besides rural tourism related questions, a few questions regarding general holiday planning were also included in the survey. Respondents were asked to choose the most important motivations for choosing a holiday destination. The four most important statements were the following: Enjoying comfort, spoiling myself (48.4%), broadening my mind, enjoying sightseeing (39.1%), enjoying the sun and water (34.8%) and enjoying landscape and nature (31.1%). The type of destination that was the most preferred was a location on seaside (53.2%).

Based on the importance of the travel motivations, four segments were distinguished via cluster analysis and discriminant analysis: Memorable Experience Seekers, Active Rural Holidayers, Comfort Seeking Romantics and Casual Rural Holiday Seekers.

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Satu Karhapää-Puhakka, Project Manager
Aducate, Centre for Training and Development
University of Eastern Finland

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