Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cross-border cooperation in the focus

The political situation has raised questions on the continuation of the cross-border cooperation. When the European Council discussed on the sanctions against the Russian Federation on July 16th also the CBC programmes were on the agenda. Fortunately the final decision was not to include cross-border cooperation in the sanction list. This means that the ENPI programmes and projects can continue their work as before. The decision was largely welcomed by the public. 

At the moment, when the political situation is tense, open dialogue is especially needed. On regional level cross-border cooperation programmes give practical tools for creating direct and concrete contacts cross the border. The CBC projects connect regions and people closer to each other and make us one big cross-border Family.

Now tens – or even hundreds - ongoing CBC projects have an important task to show that the cooperation is essential and beneficial for all of us, and that not only now but also in the future we want to work together for our joint objectives.

Marko Ruokangas
Programme Director
Karelia ENPI CBC Programme

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