Thursday, April 4, 2013

Contracting of culture concluded

All projects funded under the Cultural Cooperation theme have now been successfully contracted. There were a total of 9 projects in the call. The contracting process took about 3 months, which was probably as fast as it can possibly be under the current circumstances and resources. Taxing though it was for everybody, we can finally start concentrating on the actual work – the projects themselves. I am quite interested to see how we will succeed but if everything goes according to plan the results will be considerable. The general quality of project ideas for the Culture call was high and partners seem eager and excited, so there is no reason why the projects should not be fruitful. 

Even though the contracting process was arduous, from my side I can say that the new contracting method (i.e. face-to-face negotiations) worked extremely well compared to all the emailing back and forth that we did in previous calls. It is easier to reach mutual understanding when we are all sitting around the same table and both sides can ask questions and make sure that everything has been duly considered. It seems that this possibility has been much appreciated by both by us and the project partners.

I urge all project partners to explore the project descriptions on our website, including that of your own project. If you think that the description of your own project could be better, you are welcome to send me an updated text and we’ll replace the old one. You should read the other descriptions so that you know what the other projects are trying to do. This can prevent overlap between projects, but it can also help you find links between projects, which in turn can lead to cooperation between projects. The impact and effectiveness of activities that are implemented jointly are often higher than if implemented only within one project, so it might be one way to improve your project. 

Toni Saranp√§√§ 
Programme Coordinator

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