Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pilot projects in Kalevala district completed

As it was initially planned by the KA255 project, implemented by the Energy Efficiency Center, the new systems of water supply and sanitation in the Kindergarten #2 in Kalevala settlement and the brand-new central draw-well in Borovoi settlement were constructed by the end of September 2012. 

 New sanitation system

It is important to mention that the general architecture, internal facilities and equipment of the kindergarten are very typical for Kalevala and other small settlements of Karelia. Thus, the demonstration investment project implemented in Kalevala could be and we hope will be replicated in other settlements and districts. 

Also its worth to mention that such plastic items as septic tanks for canalization in kindergarten and special PE-plastic inner pipe for the draw-well in Borovoi have been produced in Borovoi by the local manufacturer OOO "Al Hola" (subsidiary company of Finnterrus OY). The next steps according the Action plan are pilot projects in Prjazha district. The selection of the objects (Kroshnozero,Chalna, Essoila) and estimation of expenses for construction works and materials are going on.

Alexander Berdino
Improvement of the environment and living standards is the basis for modern rural development -project

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