Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fores and Energy projects unleashed

The opening seminar of the Forest and Energy projects was organised last week at Oulu. Representatives from all ten approved projects, of which 7 already have their contracts, participated the event.

The thematic meetings have been an essential part of the programme implementation from the very beginning. The idea is that the projects from the same theme meet when the theme is launched and approximately once a year after that. The idea is not only to give practical information for the projects but to give them a chance to meet each other, and this way enhance cooperation between projects. 

This time, since it was the first meeting of the theme, we concentrated on practical issues and getting familiar with the projects. Also, we had an external expert, Lasse Pipinen from Viestintätoimisto Deski, giving good ideas for project visibility. On the next meetings we'll concentrate on projects results and outcomes and see if the ideas for visibility have been taken into practise.

Projects working with their headlines.

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