Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Projects in media

Even the administration takes a lot of time and effort - especially when we are talking about the Joint Managing Authority - it's good to remember we are not doing this in order to receive interim reports and payment requests but in order to see the results of the work done by the projects.

The most important thing in the programme are the projects and the work done by them. It is also important that the work done is visible and that the target groups and beneficiaries acknowledge the things done by the projects. That's why we encourage - and insist - the projects to pay attention to the visibility and communication issues when implementing the projects.

The Municipality of Suomussalmi is implementing two projects. One is concentrating on sheeps and the other on improving a gravel road in Karelia. Both have been made visible and have raised interest in the media. You can read more about speephusbandry from Uusi Suomi blog (in Finnish) and about the gravel road from here (in Russian) or from the projec websites - and see how different channels can be used in making a project visible.

Henna-Mari Helenius
Programme Coordinator

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