Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sharing borders, groving closer.

On 21 September, European Cooperation will be celebrated all over Europe and in the neighbouring countries. Almost 40 countries will come together to celebrate cooperation and bridge-building between local communities across borders. Public events will take place during the week of 17th -23rd September all over Europe.

Since the beginning of the 1990s more than 20 000 projects, co-funded by the EU, have contributed to improving the lives of European citizens across borders, from creating jobs to protecting the environment to improving health care services, transport and energy.

The idea of the European Cooperation Day is to make this work done more visible.

The Karelia ENPI CBC programme is also participating to the day. The programme itself will presented at the University of Oulu on 21st September and at the International Innovation Forum in St Petersburg on following week. Several projects will open their doors for the public during the week and tell about their work.

You can read more of the European Cooperation Day from www.ecday.eu and find the list of the projects' activities from our website.

Henna-Mari Helenius
Programme Coordinator

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