Thursday, February 27, 2014

“After school” TV program presents Finnish partners

Two episodes of “After school” program devoted to work of Finnish participants of project aired in February 2014 on TNT-Onego channel. Episodes were prepared by school students – young TV-journalists of Doroga youth union. They filmed during their trip to Joensuu, Kontiolahti and Oulu in January 2014 within project.

Episode from 10 February 2014 featured reporters’ trip to Joensuu and its youth life. They investigated whether young people found museums interesting, visited a girls-only house, watched rehearsal of senior students’ ball dance and found out why a new youth club was called “Whisper”.

Episode from 17 February 2014 was devoted to Joensuu unit of School of Eastern Finland. The school specializes in teaching Russian and has the most experience in cross-border cooperation. Reporters from  “After school” program visited a Talent show organized by the student board of the school. Later they were on an unusual class called “Working with iPad”.

There will be new episodes of “After school” program devoted to project  in March on TNT-Onego. The audience of the channel amounts to 400 000 viewers which is more than half of Karelian population. Citizens of Petrozavodsk, Prionezhsky, Pryazhinsky and Kondopozhsky district watch TNT-Onego.

“After school” program is produced by the youth team of Doroga youth union and airs Monday at 19.50 on TNT-Onego. 

Episode from 10.02.2014. Youth backstage of Joensuu

Episode from 17.02.2014. School of Eastern Finland

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