Tuesday, May 14, 2013

KA299: Greetings from Sortavala TOP 2013 - international tourism fair!

Partners of project KA299 (Karelia - Developing Competitive tourism resort with collaborative platform) arranged  the fourth international Sortavala TOP 2013 –tourism fair in Sortavala on 6th April 2013. The head organizer of the fair was Karelian regional public organization supporting tourism.

Tourist season in the Republic of Karelia starts in May, that is why a tourism fair on the eve of the season is a great opportunity to get new ideas, new partners and interesting suggestions from colleagues and  learn prospects from competitors.

Finnish project partners, Central Karelia Development Company KETI and Pielinen Karelia Development Center PIKES, marketed the fair in North Karelia with success. The amount of Finnish presenters and visitors increased significantly from the previous year.

The project offered  tourism enterpreneus in North Karelia the opportunity to participate in the fair presenting their products either on the stands of the project or getting a stand of their own. They were also offered a chance to have their brochures on the stands of the project. Tens of enterpreneurs utilized the option to communicate with Russian potential customers on the spot.  

In addition to Finnish project partners Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd. and North Karelia College of Further Education in Nurmes, there were representatives of  several Finnish tourism companies from Joensuu, Kitee, Lieksa, Nurmes and other towns in Central and Pielinen Karelia.

There were 42 exhibitors and over 700 visitors in Sortavala TOP 2013 – tourism fair.
Next year, Sortavala TOP 2014  will become even more internationalized and expanded, thanks to productive cooperation of project partners on both sides of the border!  

More information and photos of Sortavala TOP 2013 –tourism fair:  www.sortavalatop.ru

Eila Lintunen
project coordinator

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