Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Communicating makes you visible.

In the latest thematic seminars we have paid a lot of attention on communication and visibility of the projects. The idea is that not only the work done by the projects is important but it is as important to let the people know about the work done.

The JMA requires the projects to tell that the project is funded with programme funding, to use logos and to make a communication and visibility plan. However, communication is not something the projects should because they have to but because they want to tell about the marvellous work they are doing and especially about the results of their work.

Some ideas for project PR can be found from Lasse Pipinen's presentation. Lasse has been giving ideas on how to make your project visible in the opening seminars. I heard a project manager saying it was the best presentation on communication she had ever heard. So do take a look and give a thought on the visibility.

And after taking the though you might want to follow the programme - and some of our projects as well - at twitter.

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