Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Contracting, contracting, contracting.

The Joint Monitoring Committee selected the projects for Cultural cooperation, Social wellbeing and Sustainable exploitation of natural resources on November 13th and in December the European Commission approved the selection.

Since then the contracting of the last projects of the Karelia ENPI CBC programme has taken nearly all our time. Some of the projects have a signed grant contract already. More information on the launched projects can be found from our website.

The opening seminar for the natural resources projects will be organised on 13.-14.2. at Oulu and for the culture and wellbeing projects on 19.-20.2. at Petrozavodsk. Even we have already met most of the lead partners during the contract negotiations, we look forward meeting all the projects at the same time and seeing what kind of ideas and expectations the lead partners and partners have for cooperation.

Henna-Mari Laurila
Programme coordinator

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